Topic: Looking for onsite Rails training

Our company would like to offer Rails training for our developers. I've used Rails for about 8 months, but the rest of the developers (Perl/Java) are just getting their feet wet.

Any recommendations for onsite Rails training?


Re: Looking for onsite Rails training

The best way to learn Rails is to just do it. Find a smaller project that will be useful to the company and have a go at it.

My team currently consists of a developer who came from IT, a web guy, a C developer, and a recent CS graduate. We had never heard of Rails till we started working for our employer a year ago. We picked it up in less than a week and are now using it as our primary language. The only real investment we have in the language are some books and e-books.

In my not-so-humble opinion, a software developer who knows software development (not just one language, but the general concepts) should be able to adapt to any language. Rails has the advantage of a clean syntax, good examples, good documentation, and a GREAT community.