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I found many solutions for replacing in the id in the URL with a text.

Instead of writing:

I use:

All I do is just adding a to_param in the model:

def to_param

and in the controller:
@my_object = MyObject.find_by_permalink(params[:id])

My question is how to chain also on the URL the category name and its category name etc.

So I have link like this: … y-web-page

I tried to and to the to_param:

def to_param

The problem is with the "/" char.

I could use nested REST URL's but that's not my case plus I don't want to have a URL like this: … y-web-page

Many times I will need more than two levels of nesting.

This is very good for SEO. This way Google understands the structure of the site better and Google also gives a better rank for pages that the keyword is found in the URL.

Thanks a lot
this is a great forum (I'm new here)

Re: SEO Friendly URL's

anything that does not look like machine generated is very important! IF you have a blogsite that is powered by wordpress there is an option in which you can set the url to the title of your content.

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