Topic: Rmagick saving .jpg as a "\image\pipeg" ??

I've implemented my Amazon S3 storage and am able to save and retrieve a small .gif file.
When I try to do the same with a .jpg file it shows the record being saved to my MySQL table but the 'content_type' shows it as being a " \image\pipeg ". When I look at my S3 storage bucket a VERY small file with that name is created.
When I perform a SHOW on this record I see a ghost of where the graphic should be and the name of .jpg but no image?
Here is how I call the parameters in the model;
  has_attachment   :content_type => :image,
                   :storage => :s3,
                   :max_size => 500.kilobytes,
                   :resize_to => '320x200>',
                   :thumbnails => { :thumb => '160x120' },
                   :processor => 'Rmagick'
Has anyone seen this behavior?
Thank you,