Topic: Autocomplete in application.rhtml

Hi guys. I had this working and subversion wrote over all my changes so I had to redo it.
Now I cannot get this working again. And I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
I swear it looked like this 10 minutes ago and was working perfectly.

Application.rhtml (layout)

<% @searchBy = 'artist' %> (this is usually set elsewhere but i'm doing her for testing)

<%= text_field_with_auto_complete :release, :query, {},
                      { :url => { :action => 'auto_complete_for_release_query',
                        :searchby => @searchBy} }%>

application.rb (controller)
  def auto_complete_for_release_query
     @releases = SQL SEARCH HERE...
     render :inline => "<%= auto_complete_result @releases, 'query' %>"

In the dev log it is performing the SQL query on the text just not returning the value to the view.

Re: Autocomplete in application.rhtml

blah. Works now.

Line should ready. 

render :inline => "<%= auto_complete_result @releases, params[:searchby] %>"