Topic: Beg for Rails Rumble votes (or, How did it go?)

How did the Rails Rumble competition go for those who participated?

Browsing through all the entries last night, I saw some great stuff... and checking out the commit logs, I noticed a lot of people barely slept the 48 hours!

Rails Forum is a sponsor of the event (we donated the Nintendo Wii that is part of the second place prize pack), so we won't be voting, but for everyone else you can vote for your favorite app starting on Wednesday.  Feel free to use this thread to beg for votes for your entry. wink

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Re: Beg for Rails Rumble votes (or, How did it go?)

Our app:

We had a blast. I loved working with Ryan and Danger (you guys rock!). I think we managed to accomplish all of the main points we wanted to for our app, and a couple of extras. It was a fun weekend!