Topic: .NET To Ruby Connector - Free Download

If you are a .NET programmer, you may be interested in our free widget, The Ruby Connector, which we released today.

The Ruby Connector is a drag-and-drop control which enables .NET programs to communicate with Ruby programs. We had originally planned this for a forthcoming version of our Ruby In Steel IDE. However, we have now decided to make it freely available. Indeed, you can use it even if you don't use Ruby In Steel!   

Using the Ruby Connector, you can...
- Create visual front-ends to Ruby programs using the Visual Studio form designer
- Interact with the Ruby interpreter in your own applications in much the same way as you can interact with the Ruby Console in Ruby In Steel
- Start or stop the Ruby interpreter at will and pass expressions from your .NET program to be evaluated by Ruby
- Create ‘hybrid’ applications in which a .NET program runs simultaneously with a Ruby program and data is exchanged from one to the other

Download here:

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