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User Guidelines

Rails Forum has only a few rules, but they're important and we expect all of our users to follow them.  Breaking these rules could result in your membership privileges being revoked.

Don't Be An Ass

Be courteous and civil when posting on Rails Forum.  Don't provoke people or start flame wars (we don't care for that sort of behaviour).  If you want to be an ass, do it somewhere else.

Don't Spam

Seriously.  Spamming is not cool and doing it will result in an immediate ban.

Don't Cross Post

Please post your question, problem, request, whatever in one category.  Cross posting the same topic in more than one category is just confusing and won't get your question answered any faster.

No Self Promotion

The best place for links to your site is in your sig.  If a link to your site makes sense in context (i.e., to post a working example of some bit of code), it might be acceptable.  If you have any doubts about whether it is appropriate to post a link to your site, you probably shouldn't do it.

This Is a Ruby on Rails Forum

So if you've come here to tell us why you don't like Ruby on Rails, or why RoR is inferior to some other language or framework--don't.  We don't want to hear it.

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