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I've setup rails with locomotive on osx (, but finding assistance with this has been the biggest challenge.  I have Apache and MySQL is running through MAMP (, and I keep getting database connection issues through this.

Anyone running the same setup? It can

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I was checking out this and  then … ysql_tiger
But like yourself I thought it would be cool just to do a on off install as I am not hosting or anything fancy. So check out the link above.

Just in case the site goes offline and Google doesn't have it C...

"Official MySQL package

(not written yet)
MAMP packaged MySQL

(Instructions courtesy of Peter Mentzer,

Peter writes:

I decided that it would be nifty to use a mysql database instead of the sqlite db that ships with locomotive. In the spirit of keeping things easy, I downloaded MAMP, a stand-alone app that runs apache2, mysql, php and phpmyadmin. Again, easy to install and run. Only issue is, how to you get locomotive to find mysql since now it

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hey, sorry it has been so long...thank you very much for the reply.  Im not really a code savvy person and after a long attempt at trying to set this up, I just decided to make a nice long break from thinking about learning something new.

but...i think i am ready to take rails head on. PHP just gives me a headache from hell now as it's to the point of security issues with the applications i work on and like i said, i am no code savvy person

i'm going to try to setup this envirment again now, i like MAMP and locomotive seems easy enough to.  i got ragged on a lot in the irc for having it setup this way when i was looking for help.

will post back with update soon