Topic: Using SQLite3 with SimpleLog

Hello, I've just downloaded the simplelog blogging application. I have a few questions and will be grateful for any help.
I'd like to know how I can use sqlite as my database for this application. It says in the README that:

MySQL is required for fulltext searching. You could probably easily adapt this to
SQLite by removing the fulltext index from the migration and tweaking it to work with
standard queries, but most hosting providers provide MySQL 4+ at this point, so let's
take advantage of that."

I have no idea what this means but would really like to have full text searching. Also, is it possible to add comments support to simpleLog?
Many thanks.

Re: Using SQLite3 with SimpleLog

It looks like if you use SQLite for SimpleLog you lose fulltext searching capabilities, because you have to rewrite the queries used specifically for SQLite.

As for adding comments support, anything's possible with your own code, but if you want something out of the box maybe you should consider typo or even mephisto.

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Re: Using SQLite3 with SimpleLog

Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm a little ashamed to say this but how do I download mephisto. All I'm seeing is svn this and that and I have little to no experience. How do I download this app to my computer. Thanks again.

Re: Using SQLite3 with SimpleLog

Follow the instructions here: Deploying Mephisto CMS

Most code examples are usually pulled out of the air and not tested. Use at your own risk!

Re: Using SQLite3 with SimpleLog

Arghh, many thanks