Topic: problem with link_to_remote and rjs

Hello you all very helpful guys. I have the following problem. Please help!!!

when I click on this

<%=link_to_remote h(,:url=>{:action=>'show_map', :id=>}%>

it should update this:
page.replace_html :center, :partial=>'show_markers_on_map'
page.replace_html :sidebar, :partial => 'sidebar'

It updates the sidebar fine but not the first one in rjs. code for show_markers_on_map is follows:
<div id="map" class="large"><%= javascript_tag "showMap(false)" %></div>

So its not updating the map and a blank space is show where the map is to go. Essentially its not making the call to showMap(false) function and I think the problem is the javascript_tag but I may be wrong. Any idea how I should call the showMap(false) javascript function so that it displays the map??? thanks in advance.

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