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Hey guys,

Our friends over at SitePoint have decided to make the PDF version of "Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications" by Patrick Lenz free to download for the next 60 days. smile

Check it out at:

We advertised the print version of the book for awhile up on top of Rails Forum.  It's a great beginner resource that walks you through creating a complete app (a social news site similar to digg).  It's a good overview and free, so you can't really lose. smile

Definitely check it out as the free offer expires in a couple of months.

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Re: Free Ruby on Rails Book

pretty cool, thanks

Re: Free Ruby on Rails Book

Cool, Patrick Lenz is a bit creepy looking though. tongue

Re: Free Ruby on Rails Book

If you're new to Rails, I recommend reading this. It's a great book.

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Re: Free Ruby on Rails Book

Thanks for the link Josh ... I'm VERY new to RoR so this will help me getting started!