Topic: need help with undefined method

I was wondering if someone could help me with an error i am getting

undefined local variable or method `first' for KeyWord:Class

i thought i had the method declared
in my key_word.rb model i have this:

def self.get_in_wet_list(status)
        wet_list = @message.find(first, :conditions => "name =
'wet_list' ")

the code in the view that calls it is this:

<td><%= %></td>
9:     <td>
10:         <%= site.sensor.page_value %>
11:         <img src="<%= fetch_circle_for(site.sensor.page_value)%>" %>
12:     </td>

don't know what i am missing or declaring wrong here.


Re: need help with undefined method

nevermind, that would be :first not first