Topic: Unsigned Integer Columns

I'm under the impression that creating an unsigned integer column using Rails migrations isn't possible by default. Is there a simple way to make this happen?

Looking through the code which generates the SQL for the column definition, it seems quite clear what parameters are taken into account:

    class ColumnDefinition <, :name, :type, :limit, :default, :null) #:nodoc:
      def to_sql
        column_sql = "#{base.quote_column_name(name)} #{type_to_sql(type.to_sym, limit)}"
        add_column_options!(column_sql, :null => null, :default => default)
      alias to_s :to_sql

Mentioned are :null, :default, and the :limit parameter, but that's it.

It'd be nice if there was an :unsigned option, too!

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Re: Unsigned Integer Columns

not possible currently. You're going to have to use execute '...' to make the column unsigned. - Programming Books Ranked by Programmers
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