Topic: Rails for a POS system - Suitable?


I was wondering what are member's thoughts on using Rails for developing a POS (Point-Of-Sale) for a small business?

Essentially, it'll be to just to process sales, look up products, check stock, and print out reports. The DB and webserver will probably be in-store - would there be issues getting it snappy enough for day to day use?


PS: I know there is an OS PHP POS project (, but it shouldn't be that hard to re-do just the basic functionality in Rails, right?

Re: Rails for a POS system - Suitable?

I am in the middle of attempting to do this same thing right now, except I would like an inventory system too, and I think I am progressing alright, thanks in part to some help I've received on this board.

I had some problems with speed because I didn't really know how to use ActiveRecord properly, but I received help here that resulted in page loads going from 15 seconds to 0.3 seconds.

Re: Rails for a POS system - Suitable?

For a point of sale system, I'm assuming it will only have a few users, so you're not going to have to worry about speed. 

I've written a web-based POS in Java, and from my experience with that, Rails would do very well.

Re: Rails for a POS system - Suitable?

Yeah Rails would be perfect for that kind of system.  You might want to release it as open source so it'll be even better wink