Topic: automatically refresh page

Hi, I have a page (A) that lists records in a database table. Also on that page is a link that pops up a new page (B) in this manner:

   <%= link_to "Add Event", 
     {:action => "add" ,
      :id =>,           
      :controller => "event"},
      :popup => ['new_window','height=300','width=600',
                 'resizable','scrollbars=yes'] %>

...and that page B allows the user to add a record to the database when they press the Submit button. To handle this, in the event_controller.rb file I have:

   def post_event
     @event =[:event])
     @event.record_id = flash[:record_id]
       flash[:notice] = 'Event was successfully added.'
       redirect_to :action => 'list',
                   :controller => 'recordlisting',
                   :id => flash[:record_id]

I need the original page A to automatically refresh to reflect the changes that were made to the database table once the Submit button on page B is pressed. Is this even possible with pop-ups?