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Hi All,

I have no former experience with testing application but after reading a few articles about TDD and BDD I wanna start with it right away. The only question I have is should I straight for RSPEC without ever doing test-unit or should I start a project with test-unit and move to RSPEC once I get the hang of it.


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Rspec for certain. It's much easier to get your head around and you dont have to type all those annoying underscores. The only pain is the have to install 2 plugin components, run the rspec bootstrap generator and for real kicks, you will download ZenTest and get the autotest script running your specs in the background and alerting you to test results whenever you save.

Instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, there is an excellent screencast from peepcode which covers all the basics of Rspec.

Best 9 bucks I spent!

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Thanks for your reply. I will try to focus on rspec and buy the screencast.

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Great stuff, was wondering the same thing today myself.

Just finishing my first big project having completely ignored testing so far, so want to try and get into the practice of testing asap (not to mention so I can start refactoring in confidence).

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