Topic: In_place_collection_editor RJS Error


I am using the in_place_collection_editor from,
The user can choose his gender using this select list

<%= in_place_collection_editor_field :profile, :gender,[["Guy","1"],["Girl","2"]],{} %>

I can view the select list, When i click on OK button, i get this RJS error instead of the updated value.

try { Element.update("profile_gender_29_in_place_editor", "2"); } catch (e) 
{ alert('RJS error:\n\n' + e.toString()); alert('Element.update(\"profile_gender_29_in_place_editor\", \"2\");'); throw e }

Any help would be great smile

thank you

Re: In_place_collection_editor RJS Error

anyone who can help me this?