Topic: Rails apps and domains

Are Rails apps supposed to be run at the root of a site? -- serving up the app

Or are you able to run multiple apps from a single domain?

Re: Rails apps and domains

Both. You can set a rails app up in the web root and/or in sub-directories. You'd just keep the rails stuff out of web root and create symbolic links to the /public folder for each app wherever you want them.

Re: Rails apps and domains

If running several apps, can you overcome the ugly names that occur? I have a blog controller (blog), running in an application with a sym link (also blog) so it looks like:

Do I have to edit routes.rb to get it to (by default) ignore my controller?

Re: Rails apps and domains

Does your host support subdomains? I find that to be a much more elegant solution:


Otherwise, yes, you can edit routes.rb to get the URL to appear the way you want, although I don't know if that is the best way to go about it.

Also, this may help: … ourWebsite

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