Topic: SCGI, rails and apache

I have a rails project going with SCGI running to speed it up.
This normally works fine and is very quick compared to rails on its own. But there are times when I may be try (during testing) to upload or download very large files and it just stops working dead. Apache seems to times out (after about 5 min), but for some reason the SCGI process never seems to recover, or time out, and it brings down the whole system.
Is there a way of setting a timeout in Zed Shaws SCGI config? so that it just times out that connection instead of bring it all down.

On another point, not far from this one, has anyone set up a cluster of scgi process and integrated them into apache with some sort of load balancing method at all? Any examples?


Re: SCGI, rails and apache

If you dont have to use SCGI I would look at Mongrel. Its really easy to setup and use as a server. Then all you need to do is set up Apache to proxy requests to/from Mongrel. There is also Mongrel cluster.

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