Topic: Beginning Rails using Eclipse and Dreamhost

Trying to pick up rails using Eclipse (RadRails) from the perspective of having done PHP, with Dreamhost.  I'm having some trouble grasping the concept of Rails. 

I'd like to be able to test my files locally and then upload to Dreamhost for public display.  I've never used CVS or anything, and have finally figured out how Eclipse does its FTP.

I can generate a rails project from Eclipse and test it locally, and I can generate a rails project via SSH at Dreamhost and test it remotely.   What I can't seem to do is synchronize the two!  When I download the Dreamhost files my local server doesn't work, and vice versa.  What's different in the dreamhost vs. local files, what do I need to change, and how do I need to set up Eclipse so that it works in both environments?

Re: Beginning Rails using Eclipse and Dreamhost

You need to use Capistrano.
When you upload your project to the svn server on your Dreamhost account(you have to set it up), capistrano will automatically deploy it to your server based on the latest revision uploaded.
I'd love to help you out more.