Topic: Multiple Domains, One Rails apps

Does anyone have any experience running multiple domains off of a single rails app?

I'd like to build a system that can host multiple domains (small volume per domain) on a single Rails CMS.

I think I've got a pretty straight forward method for handling the templating of various domains but I'm wondering how to configure the front-end routing.   Is there an easy method to do this where I can get the domain into the controllers?  Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.


Re: Multiple Domains, One Rails apps

I'm working on the same exact thing! I know how to do this in PHP...just look for an area in the domain and set it as a variable. Based on that, images and content flip out based on the domain. I'm looking to do this in rails but take it a step further with templating. Let me know if you've had some luck and where a great place to start would be. Thanks

Re: Multiple Domains, One Rails apps

The account_location plugin should help … _location/

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Thanks for the quick reply! I'll look into the documentation some more to get this going smile