Topic: Mongrel advice needed

I have 1 dedicated server with the following spec..

Single 2.8 processor
1 gig ram

I am wanting to host multiple sites on this 1 server using vhosts with apache/rails/mongrel.

What i am unsure of is how the whole clustering thing works and whether my server is adequate for this job.

I expect the site to have low-medium traffic and am happy to move busy sites onto there own servers later as needed.

I am unsure of the capabilities of a single mongrel instance.
Through experimentation i figured i need a minimum of 1 per site that i want to host otherwise domain1 would point to domain2 etc

How well do you feel mongrel will perform on a server of this spec?

What is a realistic number of instances i could run on this spec?

If for instance i wanted to host 4 sites and i had 8 mongrel instances i could have 2 per domain or share them based on traffic.

Re: Mongrel advice needed

It is really going to depend on your traffic.

A single Mongrel will use somewhere around 40mb of RAM. Give or take, depending on your app/environment.

You only need to run multiple Mongrels for a single site when you have a high concurrent load. I get about 10/req a second with a single Mongrel on a VPS, and run multiple single-Mongrel sites. Depending on your traffic requirements, this may well be enough.

The only real way is to set Mongrel up and run some tests.
httperf is your friend:

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