Topic: Anyone Using JsUnit?

Rails has the server side unit testing options aplenty. But for client side unit testing, it seems JsUnit is the only option. (Watir and Selenium are more integration testing). Here's my question:

I downloaded the latest version of JsUnit and stuck it in my dev tree. I pointed my browser at:


And presto! The test runner page appeared. So, I typed in the name of my test page (specified as per and in both Safari and Firefox Mac it timed out. I know there is a JsUnit server, but my understanding was that it was so one could spin off automated tests across different browsers but it seems not necessary if I'm hitting the runner over HTTP.

What am I missing that will allow me to get tests running?


Re: Anyone Using JsUnit?

I know it's poor form to respond to my own posts, but FWIW, I figured this out.

If you are writing much JavaScript, I highly recommend writing tests. JsUnit is a great tool for this. However, you must be aware that JsUnit is sensitive to path issues but weak on diagnosing errors in them. You can read more about JsUnit at:

The crux of the problem I had is that the relative path to jsUnitCore.js was wrong. The result was that running tests over HTTP with the test runner timed out.

Hope this helps someone.