Topic: beginer questions :)


I have some questions about ruby.
if i can to start?

What is ruby (in short line to explain)?

what is rubyonrails?

how to test if i successful install ruby support on my server?

i try mephisto blog to instal and failed, now i try Gullery and again failed smile evidence i doo something wrong and sure i dont know anything about ruby sad i search some books , but didnt find anything about hosting+ruby (how to setup cms, blog, forums etc.)
When i try to install Gullery i got some errors, lastes where i get is:

$ rake migrate
(in /usr/home/dario/public_html/galeria/gullery)
rake aborted!
wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)

(See full trace by running task with --trace)

where i make mitakes, can someone direct me how to lear how ruby work or something like that.

many thanks for answers and help!
p.s: sorry for bad English.

Best regards.

Re: beginer questions :)


Try these video tuturials etc

Re: beginer questions :)

OH, this is great.

thank you too much!

p.s: i sucess start RoR on my hosting.