Topic: Trouble with attachement_fu

I have read the Installation Instructions and the Readme Guide. I installed the plugin successfully however I have some problems. First of all, I never required any upload/download functionality untill now. I need a simple upload engine that should upload files, based on a simple boolean to two different directories. Do I need/can use attachement_fu for such a simple task? I searched for normal upload tutorials without any plugins and I found the subject treated lightly. I had the same problem with Pragmatic Programmers books.
If I use attachement_fu, what database names do I need and what are mandatory. The same question, goes to has_attachment method, what options are mandatory?

P.S. Any good upload tutorials?

Re: Trouble with attachement_fu

This should explain everything: … _fu/README

I think i'm going to do a write up on this tonight.
I know there are a few other articles. This one: is very informative. I believe it's linked to in the readme.

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