Topic: Problem with setting up emacs-rails

I was trying to set up the emacs-rails configuration that I found here
but when I got to this step:

Download and install required libraries

    * … ursive.txt

Alert: From 0.44 release emacs-rails will require the inf-ruby.

I have downloaded the files but i have no idea how to install them

so if somebody did this tutorial or knows what to do here please help me out.

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Re: Problem with setting up emacs-rails

Normally you'll need a .el file to be recognized by emacs, so as a first step I'd take that .txt file and rename it to a .el file.
Then, place both of these in some handy directory. I use a directory under my home directory called '.emacs.d'. Then add that directory to the load path for emacs.

Like so:
(setq load-path (append load-path( list  "~<username>/.emacs.d")))

Then emacs-rails package will also need to go into a similar, if not the same directory, but since it has a directory all it's own it needs to be added to the path separately as emacs will not automatically recurse that I know of (or know how to specify).

Like so:
(setq load-path (append load-path( list "~<username>/.emacs.d/emacs-rails" )))
(require 'rails)

Hope this helps!