Topic: Looking for help on a side-project.

I own the site and it's completely non-profit. The purpose is to provide a helpful community to writers.

I'm looking to branch out the purpose of Writer's Beat into a more targeted area and I really need more man-power to get it done. If anyone is interested in writing, and is willing to adopt Writer's Beat as a project I'd really appreciate it. The new application is entirely different than what is there now. For more details, please talk to me; but only if you are seriously interested in helping out. An interest in writing is almost mandatory otherwise I'd fear you getting bored with the purpose of the application.

I'm looking for any kind of talent, Ruby, Rails, Javascript, UI Design, what have you.

You can contact me here via pm, aim (arachn1d spyder), e-mail [me] (at) [danielfischer] (dot) [com]

Thanks for your interest! - Personal Web-Technology-Blog, Los Angeles.