Topic: RDoc Issues

Hi, I need to use the Rdocs to generate/collect documentation from my controllers etc.

I have figured out the basics but am still having some annoying issues that I can't seem to get past.  I would greatly appreciate any help on these issues or any tips to use RDocs in general since this is a mandatory part of my job.

The issues are:
* I have placed multiple lines of comments before each method using '#', however only the first line is being picked up.  I can't see having to use the -begin -end method for comments!

* When I first looked at the html generated, I could click on each method name and the actual method displayed in a popup.  Somehow that changed. Now there does not seem to be a way to view the actual method, only the name and the first line of comment preceding the name

* Do I have to delete the doc folder every time I want to rebuild the documents?  When I reran rdoc a second time, it seemed to replace everything except the one controller that had changed.

I hope someone out there is familiar with this and can help me since there does not seem to be a tutorial - only documentation on RDocs in RDocs! - talk about recursive!!!

Re: RDoc Issues

OK here is another issue I have pretty much resolved on my own:

Multiple lines of comments are being picked up, however, it is all being formatted as a paragraph.  To list the comments as bullet points need to use # * Before each comment line

Each of the methods are still being displayed in a popup, however, somehow the popup window got minimized and then each subsequent popup was minimized.  Finally found it on the bottom nav bar.

Still have a question regarding the rebuild process of the doc folder.  If anyone knows the answer would really like to know.  I am on my own here in my workplace being the only one so far using ROR.