Topic: need help on a select update

Hey all,(sorry to insist smile
I have a     select that I want to submit when selected, it looks like this:

<select id="config_<%= conf.conf_name %>" name="config[<%=
conf.conf_name %>]" onchange="<%=
remote_function(    :url => { :action => :update ,
:id=>,'config[confvalue]'=>'+this[this.selectedIndex].value' })
%>"><option value="0" selected>No</option><option value="1"
>Yes</option><option value="0" selected>No</option><option value="3"

the poblem is that the updated value of confvalue is 'this[this.selectedIndex].value'  instead of the selected value.
I also tried something like that:

but in that case nothing get updated at all.
any idea what's wrong?

thanx in advance