Topic: PHP to Rails? Learn Ruby first?

I am sure that this question has been asked in the past, but I have a slight twist to the question.

Currently I work with PHP, and more recently I have been learning CakePHP (slowly).  After getting frustrated trying to learn various aspects of CakePHP I started to think about Rails.

I have tried Rails in the past with some luck.  I think PHP just won because I have to use it at work, so I am more PHP focused more often.

I would really like to start to learn Ruby on Rails but am not sure the best option.  I know there are a ton of resources for Ruby on Rails but my bigger question is, should I learn Ruby first?  I know that Rails is a framework built in Ruby, so do I need to know a lot of Ruby before fully understanding the framework?  I was thinking about picking up Programming Ruby (the PickAxe book).

Also, what is the learning curve.  The reason I ask is because CakePHP seems to be somewhat difficult to learn.  I have asked questions on the CakePHP Google group with little to no luck.  Sometimes I will get a response, but it almost always seems like you are bugging someone when they give you an answer back, if anyone even answers your question.

Anyone here that was once in my place?  Any comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.


p.s. - I just noticed that I think I have this in the wrong forum.  Sorry.

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Re: PHP to Rails? Learn Ruby first?

I came from PHP to Ruby on Rails about almost 2 years ago. How I learned was basically I found an application that I had written in PHP and then attempted to convert it fully over to Ruby on Rails. I guarantee you, you will ask stupid questions. I spent most of my time whilst learning doing that. Ignore the trolls that laugh and scoff, they're just being idiots.

Other people have learnt using the Pickaxe book, and I have learned a few things through reading that book a long time after beginning Ruby on Rails as well as other books such as one called "Programming Rails" or similar by David Black.

Simply learning Rails without Ruby is like learning English without vowels. The good thing is, whilst you're learning Rails (the consonants), you can learn Ruby (the vowels) as well.

Re: PHP to Rails? Learn Ruby first?

I dabbled in PHP for a while before it started pissing me off.

Picked up Ruby and Rails with Pickaxe and AWDWR

Screencasts are very helpful too:



http://www.railsenvy.com/speaking (previous speaks)


Re: PHP to Rails? Learn Ruby first?

My partner and I are starting a business focused on teaching and resources for web development, with a strong emphasis on Ruby on Rails. Our focus is on more introductory level material (including gentle introduction for all levels of programmers, as well as web designers who will need to collaborate with Rails developers). We've just completed a first podcast in our new Learning Rails series. Over time, the series is intended to teach people all the key concepts they need to begin developing with Ruby on Rails.

It's at www.LearningRails.com

Please check it out and if you have suggestions for what kinds of material would be helpful or seem to be missing on the other fine sites listed here, let us know.

If you enjoy it/find it useful, we would certainly appreciate any help spreading the word.