Topic: Anyone developing limited scope ROR projects?

I am developing a system which is intended to be used by 1 to 4 or so users.  It will not be put out on some generally accessible server and will never have 5000 users.  For this system scaling is not a concern. (see to see what I am talking about)

I want features that make for simple use and unskilled administration.  I really like the idea of memory_store for sessions because it will clean up after itself when you restart the server.  I will never have to worry about the inefficiency of having thousands of sessions in memory.  When I read about configuration and deployment issues I find all of the discussion is about multiple servers and thousands of sessions.

Is there anyone else out there who is developing small limited systems and is interested in the unique issues with the deployment and support of those kind of systems?

Re: Anyone developing limited scope ROR projects?

i'm developing such an application. It will run on a customer server per customer.

Re: Anyone developing limited scope ROR projects?

I've developed a couple of these sort of applications.

I don't think there are actually too many issues to worry about. I still recommend using Capistrano for these systems - streamlining the deployment process is particularly important when you have many small apps.

The only one I've hit is memory usage on shared systems. Each Mongrel instance takes about 40mb of memory and that can hit memory issues on a VPS.

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