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Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development is a new book from Packt that helps readers to build a complete Ruby on Rails Business Application from start to finish. Written by Elliott Smith and Rob Nichols, this book concentrates on application development as a whole process and is intended to complement existing Rails tutorials. Each chapter deals with a key feature or functional area of a complex, full-scale Rails application.

This book covers topics such as installing Ruby, Rubygems, and Rails on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X; choosing and installing a database; installing an IDE for Rails development; setting up a Subversion repository to manage your code; creating a new Rails application; understanding Rails models; understanding controllers and views; improving user interfaces with Ajax; using Rails plugins to manage file uploads; using Capistrano to manage application deployment; techniques for scaling Rails applications, such as caching and using Apache to proxy through to the Mongrel server. The example application is straightforward to develop, easy to roll out, and simple to maintain.

This book is aimed at developers who want to find out how to rapidly build easily-deployed, easily-supported business applications. It is for developers who have learned Ruby on Rails, probably from one of the tutorial books, and want to apply that knowledge to effectively build full, realistic applications.

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Nice idea, but I didn't like what I read in the "What you will learn from this book". It seems like all the other books where you learn the basic of Rails, but compared to the others this has a cool sounding title. I doubt this will help people create "Business Applications" using Rails even if it would focus entirely on advanced rails topics and insight in how current business applications are using Rails. Because all big businesses have messy solutions - at least that's my experience. A lot of different tools here, scripts there and quickly assembled code over there. So the best way to create Rails applications for businesses is probably to first know a great deal of Rails and then simply talk to the people in charge and try to figure out how the system works. Because they are all different.

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Compare to
Enterprise Integration with Ruby @

the book will list example like LDAP, locale issues etc

which one is better ?