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i am using netbeans and sometimes i want to create a dataset manuelly. I thougth that is what the rails console is for but when i type something in i do not get any response. for example  it type
s =

nothing happens but there schould be an output or anything else. can someone help me and explain me how i get this working. i allready looked in the internet but i could not find any sources.


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Welcome to rails smile

The console allows you to peek inside of your running application environment.  It is very useful, but might not be what you are after (or might be).  For some really good examples of what the console can be used for, go check out Ryan's screen case episode # 48 called "console tricks" at

Should help you a lot.



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The rails console doesn't seem to work at all in Netbeans 6.x, anyone know how to fix this or use IRB to accomplish the same thing?

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If you can't use the console inside of netbeans, you can still do it from a command prompt.

Open up and go to your rails app.  Then type 'ruby script/console' and you will be in the console.



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I believe I know the issue as I had the same one.  Don't select the IRB from the Windows(?) option of the File menu.  Rather, right click on the project icon in the project filetree (leftnav) and select Ruby Console.  Doing this will load your project and allow you access to your classes.

Dave K.