Topic: I'm an Rspec noob....

I'm trying to get my specs in shape, but I'm hamstrung right now by a controller spec that Rspec generated and is failing wildly because its methods are protected by restful_authentication.

Can someone help me get going here? I need to know:

1. How can I prevent Rspec (with ZenTest) from loading a certain file? I want to bypass it until I can figure out how to fix it...
2. Any tips, pointers etc on Rspec testing authenticated controllers with RA? I'm making my way through … -rspec-tip and … ils-views, with limited success.

Thanks in advance

Re: I'm an Rspec noob....

Just comment out the test you don't wish to run by placing a # in front of the lines?

Re: I'm an Rspec noob....

Better to use:

pending do
  #test case here

Until you figure it out.

But what you want is to call User.authenticate('quentin', 'new password') in your before for that set of tests to authenticate first, might even be moved to spec_helper.rb