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I'm building a really simple app that is basically a guide/brochure with listings falling under 5 different topics. Casual users can browse through paginated listings, click to get a detailed view of a listing while the admin(s) can also view, and of course also create, edit, delete listings. Some users though, can register and log in for the privilege of adding/editing listings  subject to admin approval.  So I guess that's three types of users. What I'm wondering is what kinds of controllers I should use to organize this activity given that some actions (i.e.,view listings) are common to all users, while others are privileged.  Should I use one "site" controller containing all types of actions and filter access to them or should each type of user have its own controller? I'd be grateful for some advice.

Thanks very much.

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I would suggest doing some research on RESTful techniques in Rails. Using RESTful resources is the preferred method for relating your controllers and models in Rails -- if you have a model called Listing, you'll have a controller called ListingsController that is specifically designed to create, read, update and delete Listings. Rails gives you some powerful and time-saving tools to use if you adopt RESTful design.

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Thanks....I'll look into that immediately.

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You should look at the documentation for the Diagram Scene Example. It is launchable with the Demo tool under Graphics View as well.

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