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Hello Rails-Community

At the moment, we need to realize a web project for our school. We would like to do something productive if possible but we haven't found anything yet. We are interested in programming a rails-application with some logic behind (Not just publishing information).

The reason why I

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Re: Looking for a project

What you are describing sounds like any "application what so ever". You would be amazed how much logic you can put into "just publishing information". That's basically what newspapers do on their websites and the software they use goes for about ~ 500 000 $ easy.

So, give us some information on what type of app you want specifically or else we can't help you. Also why would a developer who is creating his own app want to give it away because he/she doesn't want to "spend much money on it"? Doesn't make sense. What you are looking for then is some sort of Open Source project. Google "Rails + Open Source" and you should find plenty of applications, projects, plugins etc.

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