Topic: Testing AJAX enhancements...

Now I know that I don't have a good handle on AJAX to start with; however, I'm hoping to start nibbling off some understanding.  Does anyone have any experience with test driving the inclusion of AJAX-based enhancements?

I think I can understand how to test the controller aspect of the request, ie handling the behind the scenes generation of new content, but I don't see how to test the view aspect.

(I don't think it matters to the question, as I'm looking for generalities, but the details of what I'm hoping to do with my first AJAX enhancement is to display a different series of checkboxes based on which option in a select is highlighted.  Of course if JS is turned off the complete, unfiltered list would be displayed initially and would be unaltered when changing the select.)

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Re: Testing AJAX enhancements...

The only thing I know of is ARTS which tests RJS. … -with-arts

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