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hi been having fun with rails so far but for past 2 day's i've been trying to understand the resful authentication plugin.  I have watched ryans railcast and searched and searched.  now spent over 5 hours solid searching and nowhere can i find a tutorial.

I need a tutorial that takes me thorugh it step by step and show's me how to modify it for my own models/controllers.

for instance if i have a model called products how can i implement resful authentication to allow users to create products and  subsequently list update delete only their products.

any direction to examples would be appreciated,  tried railscast and while usually great i don't understand the tutorial on this one.

by the way i have it installed.  signup and login works fine just don't know ho to tie it in with with an app..


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even though this is the wrong area to post this type of question, I will give a stab at it as I just installed restful_authentication as well.

All you have to do is link to the session controller's create action (which is the signup). This was displayed to you when you use the generator. Then inside your stuff wherever you want to display info just to logged in users, just check logged_in? function in your .html.erb file.

Hope this semi-helps. Quick response smile

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I found this tutorial the other day … enticator.

It extends restful_authentication to include resetting passwords, activating users, etc.


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Why not SOAP?

Re: restful authentication

I now know why that was a dumb question. I understand the value of REST over soap.