Topic: How much RSpec is usefull

Hey Rails-Community

Today i dived into RSpec and i realy like it. Im planing to use it for my next Project. The thing im asking myself now for some hours is: How much RSpec is usefull

I Mean do you realy descripe every single action in your Controllers with specs. Even if it is just a simple create,delete,edit etc.

I see the use in the model and the helpers. That i have to test all the code i write. But how are you doing with the views and the controllers.

All kind of tipps or suggestions are welcome.


Re: How much RSpec is usefull

More test coverage is always better than less, but I'd suggest focusing your efforts on sections of code that are more custom or complex (and thus more prone to error). I personally don't test some of my basic controller actions, but I certainly know people who ensure 100% test coverage in their applications.

It's a personal decision, really.