Topic: How to set request value in test case for Module method in Rails 2.0

Does anyone know how to set value for instance variables 'request', 'response'
in a library test case so it can be accessible in the called method?
I ran into a problem when I switched to Rails 2.0 with the deprecated instance variables
'request', p'arams', etc. in my mixin method.

My module is like this: (lib/foo/info.rb)

module Foo
  module Info 
    def printHeaders
        acceptHeader = request.env['HTTP_ACCEPT']
        # blah blah

If I just include the module in my app everything works fine. I can get the header in
my app. However, I can't write test case
to test this module because it complains "request" is undefined local variable or method.
Here is my test case:

require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../test_helper'
require 'lib/foo/info'

# Re-raise errors caught by the controller.
class Info; def rescue_action(e) raise e end; end
class InfoTest < ActionController::TestCase
  include Foo::Info 

  def test_truth 
    assert_equal 0,0

When the test is executed, and when it's in the printHeaders method, the request,response
are all nil. I tried using combination of request, @request but only @request is
avaiable in printHeaders method. However, @request is deprecated so I shouldn't be using
it in the library. 
I also tried to put 'request' in the controller in test setup:

  def setup
    class << @controller
       request = @request
       request = @response

But I am getting this error when I step into the assignment:
#<RangeError: 0x25a61ba is recycled object>

It didn't help. The printHeaders method still doesn't get the request variable.

Does anyone know how to set the value for these built-in instance variables (request, response)
in the test setup for library test? The test is working fine in Rails 1.2 because I was
using @request all the time.

Thanks. -jc