Topic: Migrating from Rails 1.2 to Rails 2.0

If you have a rails 1.2 application, you might ask, "how can I update my application to use the latest-and-greatest Rails 2.0?"

I spent a long time trying to figure this out ... in summary, you have to:

1) Install Rails 2.0 (gem install rails)
2) Update your system gems (gem update --system)
3) Change your RAILS_GEM_VERSION in your config to use 2.0.2 (or whatever version)
4) Run rake secret and add the key it generates to your environment.db in the following block of code:

config.action_controller.session = {
  :session_key => '_YourApplicationName_session',
  :secret   => 'your secret key goes here'

5) Rename all your template files from .rhtml to .html.erb

And that's it!  There's a great article here that summarizes and explains this in more detail:

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