Topic: Can anyone test a rails launcher for me?

Hey everyone, I'm trying to put together a ruby on rails server launcher. I wanted to know if anyone wanted to download and test it out a little for me in your own development environment. Its freely available. Please I'm looking for as much feedback as possible. I'm looking to hopefully make this more of a launcher soon and more of a server manager. Hopefully I can get it to that point eventually. For now I just want to see if some people can test it out to see how it works for them. Any thoughts on features it should have. I'm really looking to build this for exactly what everyone would want for a server manager eventually so please I welcome the feedback! Currently I've got it working for mac and linux. Check it out here at and let me know how it works for you!


Re: Can anyone test a rails launcher for me?

Hey everyone. I've released Rebecca version .2. This version now allows for tracking and managing multiple rails servers at once. I've also put together a forum for everyone to talk about the application regarding feedback and support. Check it out, its definitely growing. :-)