Topic: rubyweblog tutorial errors

** rubyweblog tutorial errors **

(1) I'm getting an error when trying to implement the early steps of a fairly straight forward looking tutorial.
There are two "similar" tutorials which look the same in their early steps (at least up to the point where I get the error). In any case, I get the same error, in the same spot.

-- … eblog.html

(2) After the step,
-- "Type Post title:string in the Model Name field and click OK"
I get the following error,
-- "wrong constant name Title:stringController"
in the Rails Generator window.

(3) The MySQL server is running and correct database name has been created (not sure if this matters or not).

(4) I'm on a Windows XP Pro box, and using:
-- NetBeans 6.0.1
-- Rails 1.2.5
-- MySQL Server 5.0

(5) Any ideas ??

Thanks in advance

Re: rubyweblog tutorial errors

Both of those tutorials use Rails 2.x terminology.

You should upgrade to Rails 2 smile