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I have a table without an ID that will always have only one row. Can I update this table using ActiveRecord? Whenever I call save on it, it generates a SQL query that has "WHERE id = NULL" at the end, which obviously won't work. I tried set_primary_key "", but that only made the query "WHERE  = NULL". I also tried setting the primary key to the name of one column, but then that column gets removed from the update.
Is there a way to disable the ID, should I add it, or can I access SQL directly (maybe from ActionController, that would be the most convenient way for me if ActiveRecord doesn't work).

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Re: Table without an ID

#this line will return your database connection object
sql = ActiveRecord::Base.connection
#execute SQL directly
sql.execute 'UPDATE table SET column=4'

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Re: Table without an ID

Thanks a lot! That was exactly what I needed!