Topic: deployment to a host without shell access

I shall be doing my first deployment shortly, and the company's current web host does not offer shell access on their current plan. They do support RoR though, but it seems that it will be a lot more difficult having to ftp everything manually. The application will not have very many users, but it's feature set will be growing in the coming year, so updates will be coming once a month or so. Would it be worth changing hosts or do you think this is manageable? Database migrations seem particularly difficult. Thanks for any experiences anyone can offer.

Re: deployment to a host without shell access

You can adapt this tutorial to your hosting company, but that won't help with migrations. I suggest finding a host with shell access; I'm sure you can find one for the same price you're paying for hosting now unless you have a free account or something.

vinnie - rails forum admin

Re: deployment to a host without shell access

You can run your migrations from any computer with direct access to the database, so you could always even run them on your local machine (assuming it can connect directly to the DB).  Shell access makes everything a lot easier, but I guess it's possible to do without it.