Topic: flash[:notice] not showing after reset_session

I've seen a post suggesting the flash variable is also cleared when the session is reset, but haven't managed to find any suggestions on what to do to get this to work..

I am using 2 filters (prepare_session, then login_required) before processing an action.
But my session has expired (as expected), so instead of seeing the view associated with my action, I am redirected to my login page, which should display my flash[:notice] variable, but I am not seeing it. I do however, see the flash[:notice] for this same situation but where the session hasn't expired (when user is not logged in).

Would really appreciate some help!
thanks, Serena.

  def prepare_session
    creation_time = session[:creation_time] ||
    if !session[:expiry_time].nil? and session[:expiry_time] <
      #Session has expired. Clear the current user from the session
    # Assign a new expiry time, whether the session has expired or not
    session[:expiry_time] = MAX_SESSION_TIME.seconds.from_now
    return true
  def login_required
    unless session[:account].nil?
      return true
    flash[:notice] = "You are not logged in"
    redirect_to :action => "login"
    return false

Re: flash[:notice] not showing after reset_session

Hmm, according to this ticket the problem has been fixed. But, the fix may not be in 1.1.6 (guessing here). 1.2 should be out soon, so it might work in that.

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