Topic: Free IronRuby IDE

Not sure how many people here are interested in IronRuby (Microsoft's
Ruby for .NET). Anyway, if you are, you may like to know that SapphireSteel Software
has just released the first alpha of the Ruby In Steel IDE For Iron Ruby. Here
are the main features:

- It supports Microsoft’s IronRuby .NET
- It has a drag and drop visual form designer (just like VB and C#)
- It has color coding and code folding
- It has lots of other editing features (bracket and keyword-end
matching, automatic code formatting, smart indenting, multi-level undo,
bookmarks, a docked Ruby console etc. etc.)
- It has project setup wizards and project management tools (via the
Solution Explorer)
- It’s FREE

Ruby In Steel runs in Visual Studio 2008. If you haven’t got a copy of
Visual Studio, you can install a free version from our site (use the
Text Edition installer as explained on the IronRuby IDE download page).

Bear in mind this is ALPHA software supporting the PRE-ALPHA version of
IronRuby so it is far from feature complete. Currently it does not have
a debugger or IntelliSense (code completion) and some features such as
wiring up controls to event-handling methods require ‘work arounds’
(this is due to the fact that IronRuby’s delegation mechanism is not yet
fully operational). We will release updated versions of the IDE as
IronRuby itself matures.

It is our intention always to have a free version of the IronRuby IDE
(“Ruby In Steel Personal Edition For IronRuby”) so if you start using it
now you can be sure that you will be able to continue using the later
versions too at no cost!

Here are the links you should go to...

Download page:
(Please be sure to read all the information on this page!)

Overview: … the-Visual

There is much more information on Ruby In Steel in general and our
IronRuby IDE in particular on the web site. The Blog index is a good
place to start:

Best wishes
Huw Collingbourne

SapphireSteel Software
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