Topic: Relationships<->controllers question

Hi, I am a newbie Rails and web developer and I am having trouble locating examples/tutorials/howtos on the topic of creating forms for a model that has belongs_to relationship.
Say, I have two tables: person and address, one-to-many relationship.
Say, I just created a new person and want to create an address for that person.
What is the best practice of passing person_id to the address(new-create) controller?
It seems that all the books and tutorials omit this question or I am just blind.
Could somebody refer me somewhere? I am trying not to scaffold as I want to understand fundamentals.

Re: Relationships<->controllers question

Actually, it seems that many people have similar problems:

The proposed solution is to use the controller on the "has_many" side. So in my example that would be new_address action of the person controller? Is this a "recommended" Rails approach? I was under impression that "the right way" would be for a controller to control its own model...