Topic: Am i not installing a gem correctly?

I get into the console.  Change directory to my rails_app that I'm trying to install it too. 

Then I just type

gem install RedCloth

It makes it appear like everything installed fine, but when I check the lib folder where my app is looking for RedCloth.rb it's nowhere to be found?

Do I need to "start" it somehow?

When I check for gems installed it says it's there.  Also is there a location in RadRails to install gems easily?  I've installed plugins fine, but gems won't.  (If there's an idoits guide to gems you can just point me there)  Thanks.

Re: Am i not installing a gem correctly?

"gem install redcloth" installs the gem in your system, not just the specific Rails project, so it won't appear in the lib directory in the project. But, the rails project should be able to access it without any problem. To include the gem into the project, add this to your environment.rb file:

require 'redcloth'

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Re: Am i not installing a gem correctly?