Topic: recent woes.

Is anyone else using

Up until recently I would have sworn by them.. now not so much "by" them as "at" them.  Is anyone else here hosting there? I'm really interested to know if this is just my bad luck, or if it's time to move things.

I have three accounts on three different servers.. One VM and 2 shared. In the last 2 months one of the shared, and the VM machines have had catastrophic failures leading to between 36 and 48 hours of down time.. both on live sites. 

My client went ape-sh*t about that VM as I had JUST put them on that account. Now I'm seeing the server that I have on going up and down way too much ( ah.. just came up again ).

I have to make a decision on this.  I have a $20 / month slicehost VM that has NEVER gone down, so I'm starting to wonder why I am paying someone else for the "peace of mind" of monitored hosting.

Sorry to rant. It's not my intention to put out bad press about a host in such a small community, but either it comes back that this is just my bad luck, and Hostingrails gets vindicated, or it comes back that this isn't unusual, in which case people here should know.


Re: recent woes.

I used hostingrails for a while, I found them to be pretty reliable. However, I was using them for shared hosting and after a few months I was getting too much traffic and moved over to Slicehost.

I now have 3 Slices and in around a year of operation I have only had a slice go down 1 time.  It was just a reboot because of some power issues so total downtime was maybe a minute. Turns out, though, that the slice that rebooted was running so well for so long that I forgot to write a script to make my mongrels startup on boot. If it wasn't for that and the email I got I would have never even noticed.